Clean Out Your Property After Relocation

We offer home relocation cleanout and temporary home relocation cleanout services in Oakland & San Francisco, CA

When you're relocating clients from their existing property, you need to make sure their vacated building is cleared of hazardous materials and debris. This keeps the construction crew safe and allows them to work efficiently. Lagestic is proud to provide Oakland, CA with home relocation cleanout services for this purpose.

We'll work in your building to remove all obstacles from the premises, taking care of everything from debris to rats. Call (877) 510-4150 today to get a free estimate on your temporary home relocation cleanout services.

We are minority owned and operated and a DBE business

Choose Lagestic for your project

You'll see that we set ourselves apart from the competition in many ways. Choose us to provide you with home relocation cleanout services because of our:

  • Right of Way experience
  • Centralized coordination across projects and regions
  • Transparency
  • Speed
  • Results-oriented culture

We never leave debris out overnight and never use dumpsters for our temporary home relocation cleanouts, keeping all the junk completely safe from interference.

How we serve our community

Building relocation isn't easy for anyone who uses public housing. However, it's often necessary to update and improve these buildings. At Lagestic, we do our part for the Oakland, CA community by helping with this improvement process. We:

  • Work with the local government to meet building relocation needs
  • Move furniture and personal belongings for residents
  • Clean up sites before construction work begins

After providing furniture removal services, we can remove debris and hazardous materials to prepare the space for the construction team. We can also clean up debris when the construction team finishes the job. Email us now to arrange for furniture removal services.